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about st george's market

St George's Market or St G's Market for the locals is Cape Town's inner city market located on St Georges Mall between Wale and Church Street. It is a place for the community to grab their lunch, a quick bite or some treats whilst reconnecting with those around them. 

St G's Market has a range of quality stalls that highlight our unique South African cuisine and the global favourites that the public has also grown to love. 

You'll be able to try some of the tastiest meals in the Cape directly from the people who make them, whilst soaking up the historic ambience of this beautiful part of town.


The market was inspired by it's location as St Georges Mall is known as the heart of the City of Cape Town (CoCT) and was the first pedestrianised street back in 1990. The area has always been known to be one of trading. Company's Garden across the road would sell fresh fruits and vegetables to passing ships from 1652, and Greenmarket Square was a place where farmers could sell their produce.


St G's is the modern day market where community can gather, feast and exchange ideas.

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